Top Delivery Destinations and Number of Successful Deliveries as of May 2019
Not all deliveries succeed the very first time. If anyone shipping drugs across borders through customs tells you otherwise, they have probably lied. The important question then is “what happens if a shipment fails”?

Although our delivery success rates are very high (above 95%) for our top destinations like USA, Canada, UK, Russia, Australia, Italy, France and India, some other destinations have relatively lower success rates. This does not mean that any client stands the risk of losing money. No!

Our customer-friendly policies for returns, re-ships and refunds take care of several scenarios including failed shipments and assures the client 100% moneyback guarantee (no questions asked).

If a shipment fails, we make a second attempt and re-ship. If the second attempt fails, you get a refund. Your money back, 100% of the cost of the products (only in special cases that we refund shipping fees).

If you’re wondering whether or not we can deliver to your location, please take a look at the statistics below. We have performed more than 2000 successful deliveries to 66 different countries around the world since December 2015. If your country is not listed below, it doesn’t mean we can’t deliver there. It simply means we haven’t done so before. This doesn’t stop you from ordering because even if delivery fails, you are protected by our return, re-ship and refund policies. Moneyback guarantee. No questions asked!

United States (1101)
United Kingdom (707)
Canada (474)
Australia (393)
Russia (254)
Italy (239)
France (227)
India (227)
Switzerland (224)
Netherlands (223)
Germany (220)
Ireland (220)
Singapore (214)
Ukraine (213)
China (212)
Spain (212)
Israel (211)
Romania (108)
Thailand (107)
Denmark (106)
Malaysia (106)
Morocco (106)
Estonia (106)
Sweden (106)
United Arab Emirates (106)
Belgium (105)
Greece (105)
Austria (104)
Indonesia (34)
Iraq (34)
Moldova (34)
Norway (34)
Poland (34)
UAE (34)
Nigeria (34)
South Africa (34)
Turkey (34)
Afghanistan (33)
Hungary (33)
Lebanon (33)
Luxembourg (33)
Portugal (33)
Saudi Arabia (33)
Slovenia (33)
Brazil 3(2)
Croatia (32)
Czechia (32)
Egypt (32)
Hong Kong (32)
Japan (32)
Kazakhstan (32)
Lithuania (32)
Oman (32)
Peru (32)
Aruba (21)
Bosnia & Herzegovina (21)
Bulgaria (21)
Chile (21)
Latvia (21)
Macedonia (19)
Malta (19)
New Zealand (67)
Paraguay (18)
Puerto Rico (18)
Qatar (17)
Slovakia (16)
South Korea (22)
Tanzania (14)
Uganda (19)