It’s not a secret that college students are always busy working on assignments, tests, and other extracurricular activities. Some students spend time exploring new topics via social media and forums. These students are the ones who write bad reviews on these platforms. study moose review The reviews posted are not fake, as real people usually provide a name and order number. The length of the reviews will help you differentiate between real and fake reviews. Real reviews will be concise and direct, while fake reviews take pages to read.

Our Return, Reship and Refund Policy
With our customer friendly Return, Reship and Refund policies, you are entitled to a 100% money back guarantee.

Below are various circumstances a client might face and each circumstances has a recommended approach to resolve.

MISSING PACKAGES: Your package got MISSING on transit and was never delivered to your specified address. If this happens, we re-ship the package and if the second attempt fails, you get a refund.
CUSTOMS SEIZURES: Your package was SEIZED BY CUSTOMS. This can happen only to a destination country we are shipping to for the very first time. If we have previously shipped to your country (listed under the Successful Deliveries page) then you have nothing to worry about. If this happens, we re-ship the package and if the second attempt fails, you get a refund.
DAMAGED PRODUCTS: Products were delivered but DAMAGED. Please provide photo/video evidence of the product showing that it was damaged. If this happens, we re-ship the package and if the second attempt fails, you get a refund.
UNWANTED PRODUCTS: You no longer need the product you ordered. If this happens, return the product back to us within 7 days and get a refund for the product cost only.
ERROR ORDERS: You ordered the wrong product. If this happens, return the product back to us within 7 days and get a refund for the product cost only.
QUALITY ISSUES: The product quality was not as expected. This applies mostly to products such as generic research chemicals. If the purity of a substance is not mentioned on the product page, then it is right to assume it is at least 98% pure according to our Quality Guarantee. Some products such as heroin and cocaine are priced according to quality. There might be an issue of mislabelling and you paid for 98% pure cocaine and received 80% purity instead. You need to test the quality and be very sure before reporting this as an issue. If this happens, return the product back to us within 7 days and get a full refund OR you keep the lower purity product you received and get a partial refund for the extra you paid. In the case of GHB, we even provide a free GHB EZ Test Kit to first time buyers so that they can use to test the quality of the product before consumption.
Return Policy
You can return a product if you ordered the wrong product or the quality is below your expectation, or you changed your mind and no longer need the product. However, you pay the return fee and get a refund for the full amount you paid for the product.

Reship Policy
We can reship a package to you if it was damaged or lost or seized by customs. We must attempt to reship first and you can request a refund only if the second attempt fails. But if you request a refund on basis that you no longer need the product, that is acceptable.

Refund Policy
By now, it must have been clear that you can request a refund for a vast number of reasons. However, the only limitation is that in some circumstances we do not refund shipping fees.

Your Responsibility
You are fully covered by our Return, Reship and Refund Policies. However, there are a few responsibilities you need to shoulder.

Be very sure you need a product before you order it. Do not hurriedly order a product out of excitement just to find out, when you receive the package, that you have already changed your mind.
Take time to choose exactly which product you need. If you want to sedate your partner for a good sexual experience, make a clear choice between GHB, Ketamine and Rohypnol. Don’t hurriedly order one when the other could have been a better option.
Provide accurate information when ordering. We have options for ordering with a fake name, paying anonymously, and you can even order without creating an account on our website. however, when it comes to your delivery address, the information needs to be as complete/specific as possible to avoid failure deliveries.
Order only when you are sure to make payment within 48hrs. We always have lots of clients and orders to handle (of course we are on page one of Google) so it is a smart choice not to allow your order pending for too long.
If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us. or visit our Frequently Asked Questions page.

… and since you already know what a refund policy is, no need looking it up.

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The students are usually busy studying as well as taking tests and maintaining their extracurricular activities. But, some spend their spare time on websites and forums to get to know more about different areas. It’s these students who post negative reviews on these platforms. cheap dissertation writers They aren’t fake reviews because real users usually provide a name and order numbers. You can also distinguish between a real review from a fake by looking at the length of the review. The real reviews will be short and to the point and a fake one will be long and rambling.

There is no doubt that students are constantly occupied in their studies, assignments, and other extracurricular activities. However, some of them are also spending their time on forums and social networks to get to know more about different topics. These students are the ones that leave bad reviews on social media sites. grademiner There are no fake reviews since real customers usually give a name and an account number. The length of reviews can help you distinguish between real and fake reviews. The real reviews will be short and to the point A fake review will be long and rambling.