Money Back Guarantee is 100%.

Money Back Guarantee with no questions asked. If you’ve already read our Return, Reship and Refund Policies, then this should be very clear to you. Those policies are put in place to ensure that if you’re entitled to a partial or full refund, we pay 100% of the refund without asking any questions.

Our goal is to ensure that a client never loses money when dealing with us although this might be impossible in a case where a client is required to pay the shipping fees when returning a product. Such cases are rare, that’s why the policies also outline a client’s responsibility to make sure that they don’t find themselves in such a situation.

100% Money Back Guarantee for Failed Shipments
We also make it clear that cases of failure delivery resulting from missing or seized products require that the client allows us to attempt a second delivery. If the reship attempt fails, then refund kicks in.

More information is found on Our Policies and Frequently Asked Questions.

The History of this Guarantee
Everyone knows what a money back guarantee is. So no need looking it up. But in case you’re curious, wikipedia says…

The 18th century entrepreneur Josiah Wedgwood pioneered many of the marketing strategies used today, including the satisfaction-or-money-back guarantee on the entire range of his pottery products. He took advantage of his guarantee offer to send his products to rich clientele across Europe unsolicited. The money-back guarantee was also a major tool of early U.S. mail order sales pioneers in the United States such as Richard Sears and Powel Crosley Jr. to win the confidence of consumers. The use of money back guarantees has grown significantly over the last few years and has become standard practice in direct marketing across all media.

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